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Homes and businesses have separate, yet similar needs in terms of ensuring their environments offer a comfortable temperature.  Whether it is the furnace, boiler, or radiator in the fall and winter months. Or the air conditioner, compressor or exchange in the spring and summer months.  Owners need the piece of mind that their systems are operating at optimal levels year round. BCB Mechanical Services, Inc. brings the knowledge and experience needed to keep your heating and cooling systems producing the best air quality for your family, friends, customers, or staff.  Offering free estimates and 24 hour service as needed, reach out today for all of your service needs.  

BCB Mechanical Services, Inc.

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We are ready to help ensure your furnace, AC unit, water heater, and other HVAC units are working at their optimal levels.  So reach out today.   

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Heating & Cooling

Heating costs have an estimated 50 percent impact on your home’s total energy bill, while cooling costs typical make up another 10-15 percent. That accounts for nearly two-thirds of you energy bills. While these units lifespan ranges from 15-40 years, this span is only accomplished with proper maintenance and care, which includes more than just changing your filter. If you have not serviced these systems within the last year, reach out today and BCB Mechanical can help put your back on a maintenance plan.

Process Piping

Processing piping is different from plumbing, as it is the piping which converts liquids, chemicals, fuels, gases or other materials into usable product. Process piping are not a part of your building’s mechanical system and it is not used for power creation. Process piping also falls under different codes and regulations than other plumbing. This seems like a lot, or even a little confusing. The good news is that BCB Mechanical has you covered for all of your process piping installation and maintenance needs, bring the knowledge, skill, and experience to keep these systems running and efficient.


A proper plumbing maintenance plan for your hot water heater can go a long way toward preventing the need for emergency plumbing services. And if you live in an area not serviced by Fort Wayne city water, your water softener system service cannot be overlooked. Luckily BCB Mechanical has you covered! Specializing in both new system installation and existing system maintenance, we are able to provide piece of mind that your plumbing needs are taken care of.


Through a proper maintenance program, your system will be able to run at its peak performance. Done through routine inspection and factory recommended settings adjustments, BCB Mechanical is able to keep your refrigeration unit running, thus avoiding impacts to lost business or spoiled product. Combining your refrigeration maintenance with our other services such as HVAC, BCB Mechanical can be your one stop shop for all of your mechanical needs.

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